The Frozen

A Christian dystopian science fiction novel

In 3019, biological and spiritual purity equal survival.

As Dean of Security, Shaan believes she’s walking the True Path … but is she? She feels unworthy of the prophecy that saved her from the cryogenic Blessing she now imparts on others. Every day Shaan seeks to bury her indelible biological stains under more devoted service to God and Xianova. She and her two enormous canine lieutenants are feared and revered for hunting Impures.

When Shaan is offered the opportunity to beta test the new Transparency of Thought upgrade, she eagerly accepts. Then, while freezing Impures, she comes mind-to-mind with a young boy whose abilities push her to put everything on the line–her family, her faith, and her life–to track down the Truth.

About the Author

Jen Porter

Jen Porter is an award-winning author and educator who promotes faith and interdependence. Jen and her husband Jim live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa–with family, fish, rescue dogs, plenty of ‘Dad jokes,’ and never enough Star Trek.


































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